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The Barn Hand- Draft Horse Edition - PRINTED

The Barn Hand- Draft Horse Edition - PRINTED

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The Barn Hand- Draft Horse Edition is a comprehensive planner and administrative assistant for instructors and other professionals in the Equine Assisted Services (EAS) industry.

Calling all Adaptive/Therapeutic Riding and Horsemanship Instructors and other Equine Assisted Services/EAS Professionals!

End your quest for the perfect planner tailored to the needs of your professional role in our unique industry- The Barn Hand- Draft Horse Edition - PRINTED has arrived.

The Barn Hand equips Equine Assisted Service instructors with the necessary tools to not only manage their schedule, but also elevate their professionalism, expand their expertise, and excel in their craft. This planner enables key resources to go from the barn to the office and into the arena - easily!

Every page has been carefully crafted to meet the special needs of the dedicated professionals in our field and is based on documents that have been rigorously tested and validated over years of experience in the EAS sector.

The Barn Hand- Draft Horse Edition PRINT Version Details:

  • Laminated Covers (blank on one side so you can use as a mini dry erase board!)
  • Printed on 8.5" x 11" premium paper perfect for writing and highlighting
  • Spiral bound to lay flat or fold in half
  • 360+ pages of calendars, schedules, logs, and templates
  • Print version is UNDATED but still has months labeled. This will allow you to get a full years use out of the planner no matter when you purchase! 

Just a glimpse of what The Barn Hand- Draft Horse Edition offers:

  • Monthly calendars (January-December, Undated)
  • Weekly planner and schedule with half-hour daily breakdown from 5:00 AM-9:00 PM (Weekly, Undated)
  • Arena set ups, goal setting, hard and soft to-do lists, self-reflection, and instructor development activities and prompts (Monthly & Weekly)
  • Document lesson plans, games, skills/task analysis and activities so you don't forget your amazing classes and ideas
  • Track participant information, contact preference, documents on file, lesson profiles, attendance, payments, incidents, etc. (Yearly & Monthly)
  • Track equine information, multiple healthcare items, tack assignments, behaviors/incidents, etc. (Yearly & Monthly)
  • Track volunteer information, availability, on-call status, training, documents on file, hours, incidents, etc. (Yearly & Monthly)
  • Track helmets, human first-aid kits, equine first-aid kits, and fire extinguishers at your facility (Yearly and Monthly)
  • Track your own certifications and memberships, CEUs, emergency information, goals, and self or peer lesson evaluations (Yearly)
  • And so much more!!!

Don't need to track equine healthcare, volunteer hours, helmets, or other program items? Check out The Barn Hand- Pony Edition for a slimmed down version perfect for instructors and professionals focusing on providing an equine class or service!

    Formatted for instructors and programs needing to regularly track information on:

    • Up to 45 Participants
    • Up to 20 Equines
    • Up to 30 volunteers

    Planner Contents:


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